About company

Bonum Grup LLC is a young, dynamic company, uniting leading experts in the sphere of production of high-quality graphite products.

Having considerable experience in manufacturing, sales, we have teamed up to offer our clients unique high-quality products at reasonable prices.

GRAPHITE BONUM GRUP has a unique production technology, modern equipment that allows to make products of European quality.

We offer a wide range of our products:

    • TWG stuffing box;
    • flange graphite gaskets TWG;
    • spiral wound gasket TWG;
    • gasket on the gear based TWG;
    • TWG packing rings;
    • graphite grease;
    • other graphite products (optional).
    • Gaskets and packing of polytetrafluoroethylene PTFE (PTFE, Teflon)

Also, LLC "Bonum Grup" is a dealer and a representative of a leading Chinese manufacturer «Yichang Xincheng Graphite Co., Ltd». Having to its stock a wide range of products of partners, we offer the following products at competitive prices:

Graphite (natural) raw materials and graphite products:

  • natural flake graphite;
  • expanded (oxidized prepared for thermal expansion) of graphite TWG;
  • graphite paper TWG;
  • graphite tape TWG (fire);
  • graphite yarn TWG;
  • TWG stuffing box;
  • graphite electrodes (for electro-stoves);
  • crucibles for melting non-ferrous and precious metals;
  • graphite grease;
  • other graphite products (optional).

Having direct contact with the Chinese partners, our company has the opportunity to of continuous monitoring of the market of Chinese manufacturers. We work and create conditions for other companies to work for direct export / import contracts. For its part, provide full support of the transaction, control of shipping from the factory, the control that the quality of products shipped.